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Are you looking for some cool 1950’s atmosphere to add to your home, and a soda vending machine that you can use today? How about the Coca-Cola Vendo 39? This machine is not only one of the most recognized Vendo models, but it’s also able to dispense the 8-ounce bottles the Coca-Cola Company is distributing today.

The Vendo 39 was made for the Coca-Cola Company from 1949 to the mid-1950’s. There were some 80,000 of these made, so they are still fairly common today. They graced the fronts of filling stations and storefronts all over 1950’s America. This single-selection machine is equipped with a honeycomb-shaped wheel that turns to dispense a nice, cold Coca-Cola. It is capable of vending 39 8-ounce bottles and pre-cools 20. And with its characteristic rounded corners and sleek design, this is a classic, and highly collectible model.


Dimensions: 58” high x 27” wide x 16” deep
Weight: 285 lbs.
Manufactured by:
The Vendo Company
Kansas City, Missouri



Vedo 39

Coke Mahine

Cavalier Cs-72

Coke Mahine





Along with the Cavalier-CS-96 the the CS-72 is absolutely one of the most popular machines around. Produced between 1958-1959 by the Cavalier corporation this model has all the desirable features - rounded corners, slant shelf, glass door, embossing, and as an added bonus when you deposit a coin the "Have a Coke" button lights up until you remove the bottle.

Like all the other Cavalier machines this machine was produced exclusively for Coca Cola.

All CS-72 models were painted ice berg white on the front door and the rest of the machine was painted Coca-Cola red. When restored some machines were painted the typical Red & White as seen on the left.

All Cavalier-72 also came with the words "Drink Coca-Cola" embossed on the top.

Another feature the CS-72 came with was an electric coin mech that could be adjusted to accept various prices.



Comments:    The Cavalier CS-72 is a slant shelf machine that didn't have a crank handle to vend the sodas. This machine automatically released one bottle for removal once the correct change was deposited. These machines are commonly restored to resemble the Vendo V-81 with a "white top" which was the original paint scheme for the early versions. The later paint scheme was a red and white cabinet(red w/ white top) with the cabinet door being all white.